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enerise – Increase of energy and life power of any human being. Registered Trademark.

The concept of enerise
Increase and focusing of internal energy making it available on demand at the key moment for success.
High-peak motivation is necessary only for a few moments during a day or in life. These moments often determine success or failure, victory or defeat. Enerise enables people to charge their batteries and to use their energy at the crucial moment. Enerise enables leaders to become the best. The secrets of success of a leader are Leadership and motivation. Successful leaders are experts in inspiring.

What is inner energy?
Inner energy consists of self-motivation, internal power, the power of the subconscious, self-discipline, enthusiasm, passion, mental power, internal preparedness, drive …

Previous models of motivational strategies did not differentiate between relaxation and peak-performance. Their aim was a permanent motivation. Since noone can be permanently motivated at the 100%-energy level, those methods usually failed and the striving for motivation disappeared soon after attending a seminar. Enerise, in contrast, helps to recall the high peak state of motivation at the moment needed for success. The holistic approach that enerise is based on not only increases motivation in terms of business and profession, but makes inner power available for all aspects of life, e.g.:

Time management – Use time more efficiently

Health and Fitness – More power for your body

Emotions and psyche – Emotional balance and strength

Relationships and friends – Experience your relationships more intensely

Career and leadership – More commitment and greater success

„The secrets of success of a leader are Leadership and motivation. Successful leaders are experts in inspiring.“

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