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enerise – Coaching

Thomas Schlechter says, „In my coachings I provide ambitious knowledge with a strong emphasis on creating an inspiring atmosphere which facilitates the learning process. Participants will experience an active coaching that stimulates holistic thinking. The exciting atmosphere makes it easy to activate, increase and condense internal powers. Individual exercises help to implement the integration and appliacation in everyday life.“

The coaching is especially designed for people who cannot take part in a group coaching. I will support you in reaching your personal peak motivation.
enerise® dramatically increases your level of motivation to prepare for any specific program or competition and provides useful help in times of majorchanges or reorientation.

Every athlete, artist, entrepreneur and executive who has attended enerise® is enthused about it and is grateful for the intensive and sustainable learning effect and the resulting increase in motivation.
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Learn more about enerise inhouse seminars and how to boost you motivation and mental power!!

Inhouse seminars are tailored to the unique features of companies and their specific branches. Further education increases the staff’s performance since it enables everyone to get to his/her peak performance in any decisive moment of time, e.g. in a customer meeting, on the phone, when consulting, in a meeting, in customer service, during presentations …

This easily leads to a strong competitive edge which is reflected in the company’s turnover and profit. All companies using the enerise®-method are enthused about it since enerise® is immediately applicable and constantly recallable.

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Presentations for Economic Associations, Conventions and Events

“enerise – The Optimal State at Key Moments”
Activate inner energy for more success in life

Thomas Schlechter presents valuable examples of peak motivation in key situations. He demonstrates exercises and methods that can be practiced on one’s own and shows how they can be implemented on the job and in private life in order to increase personal success. Anyone can increase and bundle his/her inner energy and make it accessible for a key moment.

Presentation approx. 70 minutes
Fees and dates upon request.

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You will receive a written confirmation of your registration. The registration for a seminar should occur up to four weeks before its commencement.

The data included with your registration will be electronically processed for the purpose(s) of participant administration. All agreements between the participant and the organizer regarding services to be mutually fulfilled as well as modifications and extensions thereof require written form.

Strong motivational, coworkers-, sales- and success-training with enerise.