Read which experiences people made with our motivation and mental power trainings

Sandra Trögl, RTL Big-Boss-Finalist
„The enerise-principle helps me be 100% productive in decision-making situations. I learned to set priorities and despite enormous scheduling pressure, I have learned to have fun at work- it is so important not to lose this.“

Motor Fritsche, Mercedes Benz – Cologne
Internal training for company leaders.
February 2005

WBR Team Consult, Frechen bei Cologne
Internal motivational training for peak performance.
November 2004

FC Nürnberg – Football Club Nuernberg
B-youth peak motivational training.
January 2005

Gründer Support Ruhrgebiet – Support for newly self-employed Ruhr Region
January 2005

die Stuttgarter – Versicherung – Insurance
Sales motivation for top agents.
November 2005

BUNK-Verlag, Hamburg – BUNK-Publishing
Peak motivation for media consultants.
July 2005

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