FAQ are freqently asked questions on motivation, mental power, …

Who needs enerise®?
Anyone who wants to be more successful and who needs very strong motivation at the right moment, e.g. competitive athletes, professionals, executives, trainers, salespeople, trainees, couples, doctors, teachers, consultants, media professionals, artists …

How does enerise® work?
Six efficient steps lead to an increase and a compression of internal power. The result is a clear focus on aims, strengthening of self-will and resolution. The enerise®-concept acts like a motivation booster that can be started at the push of a button.

What effect does enerise® have?
Through enerise® people learn how to charge themselves and to use their energies at the right moment in time.

Why activate with enerise®?
Peak motivation is only necessary for a few moments of a day or in life.

Motivation A-Z

enerise®: Increase energy and lifeforce of a person. Activate the internal energy for more success in life.

success: I found my own definition for it: “I consider it success, when people are helped as a result of an action, regardless of its surroundings.”

internal energy: The sum of all psychological characteristics of a human, e.g. self motivation, internal strength, self-motivation, self-discipline, enthusiasm, passion, mental power, vitality, readiness, motive, drive etc..

intrinsic motivation: The execution of the action is in itself reward enough (e.g. curiosity, fun, interest)

leadership: The ability to influence oneself and others in their behavior, such that a specific goal is achieved.

lifebalance: The state of internal and external harmony of a human. In the holistic approach this refers to the ranges health, relationships, career and the meaning of life.

mental training: The learning or improving a course of motion through intense imagination without simultaneous actual practicing: a “condition for the pre-requisite mental training is a clear perception of direction.”

motivation: is the readiness to implement a certain action in a concrete situation with a certain intensity and/or duration (e.g. a concentrated analysis of the contents of a textbook).

self management:
The ability to lead one’s life in Lifebalance.

self motivation: mental condition in which the entire internal energy is available and is directed toward a goal.

point top speed: Maximum condition of internal readiness in which all positive internal energies are mobilized simultaneaously.

Strong motivational, coworkers-, sales- and success-training with enerise®.


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